1. Pest Control

  1. Pre-Constuction treatment of termites

  2. Contract pest control

  3. In-house pest control

  4. Government pest control

  5. Pest management services

2.General Cleaning

  1. Sanitary bins and Air Care

  2. Dust Removal

  3. Facilities Management

  4. Plant Machinery and Oven Cleaning

  5. Factory and Office Makeovers

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TermiPest - Leader in Pest Control

Termipest Limited is a company that specializes in providing safe and clean working environments as a preferred contractor for many well known Kenyan industries, schools, restaurants and office blocks.

From industrial factories to offices, we will help you maintain the highest levels of safety and hygiene! We will provide you with services tailored to meet your needs.
Your house is your sanctuary! and we believe we provide the best cleaning and pest control services for you.


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